ND Miata Seat Lowering Brackets

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Are you too tall to fit comfortably in your ND Miata or Fiat 124??  Do you just wanna get lower in the car so you feel like you’re sitting down inside of it instead of on top of it? These brackets are installed in place of the factory equipped sliders and will lower the factory seat 1.2 inches and allow the seat position further rearward for more legroom!  They will also save 6.5 lbs PER SEAT while lowering the center of gravity!!  We’ve spent a lot of time and created several revisions during the development process to not only mount the seat as low as possible in the car, but also to improve the seat bottom rake angle for MUCH improved comfort and legroom.  It’s easily our favorite mod to our own ND RF Miata.  Note, you will lose the ability to move the seat fore/aft as freely as before, but 3 minutes spent with a wrench will allow you to change the seat position before re-tightening again.  You’ll be amazed how much of a difference it makes, lowering the seat and adding a small amount of rake to the seat bottom.  These brackets make these fantastic, yet tiny sports cars even more sportscar-ish, and allows the taller folks out there to join in the fun!

“Left Seat” is the driver’s seat on a Left-Hand-Drive car.  Fits all factory seats in ND Miatas AND Fiat 124 Spiders.