HKS Supercharger Tune | E1 Tune | Miata MX-5 ND

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We've done it again with the ND2/ND1 platform but instead of Edelbrock, we've unleashed another large percentage of horsepower using the HKS GT2 Supercharger. 

We've since installed over 3 dozen of these superchargers and we aren't a shop that works on customer vehicles as a normal part of our operation. With countless customers reaching out to us for a solution on the drivability, our hands were tied. Not anymore! We've put countless hours into a calibration that we believe is superior to the current market revisions.

In order to validate your purchase we will need the following information (it can be entered in your order notes or emailed to us by responding to your order confirmation email):

  • A functioning VersaTuner License 
  • VersaTuner Vehicle Information

This package does include free updates down the road but will not account for calibration changes for additional hardware changes. Updates will be billed per session.