Goldseries Performance Clutch & Flywheel - ND2 (2019+)

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Fab9 Goldseries ND2 Clutch/Flywheel System

Congratulations on your purchase. This goldseriessteelbacked Kevlar disc clutch offers near factory pedal feel with the characteristics of a powerful torque taming material and pressure plate. This setup is great for street and track use due to the material technology and completely custom flywheel. The 12lb flywheel included is ready for the task of abuse with it's replicable friction disc. No more resurfacing or replacing the flywheel itself.  

BREAK IN: Kevlar is slow wearing material. This makes it great for longevity but your break-in period is a bit longer. Contrary to popular belief that you should drive it like a baby, we’d like you to be relatively swift with engagement and disengagement on the clutch pedal. Think of it as trying to reduce the amount of time the clutch spends slipping before it grabs. Don’t drop the pedal like an animal, but don’t drag it out like you’re tying not to spill a glass of wine on your passenger seat. We recommend 300 miles minimal and NOT all on the freeway. 300 miles of normal, rowing through gears is best.

Enjoy! – from the Fab9 Team


  • Only 12lbs
  • Replacement steel friction place
  • 12 month Warranty


  • Friction surface is full faced Kevlar
  • Long lasting and easy engagement due to material technology
  • Feel: Improved engine response and acceleration with lightweight design
  • Recommendation: Street and race use, this does it all and does it all well
  • 344ft lbs of torque capacity