GFB ATOMIC Manual Boost Controller

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Simple And Reliable Boost Control

Manual Boost Controllers may lack the extra features of an EBC (Electronic Boost Controller), but they get the job done!

When you need simple, reliable, set-and-forget boost control, a Manual Boost Controller is hard to beat. Installation is as simple as connecting a couple of hoses, and setup is as easy as turning the adjustment until you hit your target. Once that’s done, you can forget about it and drive your car. Being a rugged, mechanical device, it will never vary or fail, no matter how much abuse you can throw at it.

Our Manual Boost Controllers are available in two types, one is suited for conventional pneumatic wastegates, and the other is for use with vacuum-actuated VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine)/VGT (Variable Geometry Turbine) turbos that are commonly used on diesel engines.

    • Repeatable And Stable Boost Curve
    • 100% Reliability, Zero Maintenance
    • Easy To Install In Minutes
    • Easy To Adjust, Set-and-forget
    • Precision Needle Valve Bleed System, More Stable Than “ball-and-spring” Types
    • Manufactured In Australia In Accordance With Iso 9001