Garrett GT2871R

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Garrett GT2871R Turbo - In stock, available now!

Dual Ball Bearing GT2871R is great for small displacement engines up to 2.2L and has the ultimate spool up time compared to other units. This turbo has a flow capacity of about 400HP. The external packaging of this turbo is identical to that of the GT28RS and can be a nice stealthy upgrade to step up to 400HP of flow without much re-arrangement.

GT2871R turbo, is pre-assembled with the standard T25 flanged turbine housing, which is internally gated, and the 5 bolt GT28 style discharge. This housing selection INCLUDES an internal wastegate actuator with the turbo.

Turbo Features:

  • Ball bearing
  • Oil & Water-cooled bearing system
  • Upgrade turbocharger for GT2554R (471171-3) and GT2560R (466541-1); turbine housing flanges are outline inter-changable
  • T25 Internal-WG
  • Great size for applications w/ packaging constraints
  • Ideal for smaller displacement engines making up to 360 hp
  • Turbine Housing option available

Compressor Specifications

  • -Wheel: 71mm w/ 56 trim
    -Housing: .60 ar

Turbine Specifications

  • Turbine
    -Wheel: 53.85mm w/ 76 trim
    -Housing: .86 or .64 ar