Fab9Tuning Side Mount Stainless EFR V-Band Turbo Manifold/Downpipe Hood Exit

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NOTICE: Due to popular demand, we've swapped this system over to a Hood Exit Wastegate configuration. A dump tube and a very nice stainless hood finishing panel will now be included with every system.

Introducing the solution many of you have been waiting for and soon won’t have to. The all new Fab9 Side Mount V-Band EFR Turbo Manifold for the 1.8l BP engine.  Like many of the solutions we offer, we set out to solve problems with quality solutions that don’t break the bank.  Whilst cost isn’t sky high, don’t be fooled, we’ve sacrificed nothing in the means of quality and functionality. When paired with Borg Warner EFR technology that continues to prove itself on our small displacement engines you can expect extreme efficiency that will produce a much more linear power delivery than could be expected in the past from similar sized GT or even GTX solutions.

The manifold is produced with complete Schedule material, no hangers or turbo cranes will be necessary. Depending on your configuration, manifolds are available with a multitude of options including - EGT Sensor Bung welded to the collector, External Wastegate configuration and coatings.


  • Full Stainless Construction
  • Sch10 Thick Wall 304 Stainless
  • 0.500” CNC’d Flange
  • Oval to Round Port Transitions
  • Fully Back Purged Tig Welded Fabrication
  • High Flow Merge Collector
  • Side Mount AC + PS Compatible Design