Jan 16th 2016

Wrapping up the NC kit

Wrapping up the NC kit

Today Fab9Tuning is extremely excited to announce that we’re making the finishing touches on our NC generation Miata Borg Warner EFR kit. A big thank you goes out to our pre-production customers and their wonderful feedback that has helped push this kit even further past our competition and net a very premium solution.

Some key points of the kit we would like to touch on:

Quality of craftsmanship - A superior welding technique to our competition w/ a fully back purged manifold/downpipe

Fit and finish - As with all Fab9Tuning kits it has industry leading development, quality and fabrication

Superior turbo technology - Borg Warner EFR 6758 turbo - (competitors are using outdated Garrett GT turbos)

Downpipe compatibility - We’re now producing the kit with an optional midpipe adapter, it will be V-Band adapter directly to our downpipe then a stainless tube that goes from 3” to 2.5”. This will allow the installer to simply make one cut to the factory mid-pipe and slip on our adapter to secure it with a stainless band clamp. The adapter kit is also aftermarket friendly so the installer would cut our adapter at the 3” portion (before it reduces to 2.5” and have it welded to their existing aftermarket 3” mid pipe.

New intercooler end tank design - The NC kit uses cast end tanks with rounded inner joints and billet inlet/outlet tubes for a more precise, reliable and better looking intercooler. Our 3.5” thick core is also the largest intercooler among our competition, designed to be run hard with head room for someone who might be looking for more power down the road.

Delivery - We expect kits to start shipping in the next couple of weeks, as finishing touches such as powder coating and AN line production are completed.