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We jumped on the band wagon and supercharged our ND the first week the kits were released. With big names like Edlebrock and ECUTEK in the mix, we anticipated a fairly well polished offering. As you might be aware, that wasn't the case! To no fault of their own, the calibration abilities were fairly unknown or limited and the results were premature converter failure, sluggish acceleration and the ever so haunting THROTTLE SURGE issue at partial loads.

We've since installed over 3 dozen of these superchargers and we aren't a shop that works on customer vehicles as a normal part of our operation. With countless customers reaching out to us for a solution on the drivability, our hands were tied. Not anymore! We've become ECUTEK Master Tuners and have countless hours into a calibration that we believe is superior to the current market revisions.


In order to validate your purchase we will need the following information (it can be entered in your order notes or emailed to us by responding to your order confirmation email):

  • Programmer ID (Dongle ID)
  • ECU Version
  • A list of all current modifications

This package does include free updates down the road but will not account for calibration changes for additional hardware changes. Updates will be billed per session. 

8 Reviews

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    Posted by Reza R on Aug 27th 2021

    I'm a car dealer and purchased this tune just to get the Supercharged ND running well for resell. I may just keep this Miata for myself now. Night and Day Difference!

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    S/C E1 tune

    Posted by Scott on Aug 10th 2019

    As others have commented... car is transformed. I did not have any other tune besides Bryan's E1 tune so I can't compare. That being said... I wouldn't want any other tune. Here is my experience over 2 months:
    - Pulls. Pulls hard all the way to red line
    - Zero DTCs
    - Higher rev limit (I also have Skunk2 Header) and it still pulls over 7K
    - HPDE event with zero issues other than being a bit scary with stock suspension (soon to be fixed)
    - Slight bouncing of RPMs during idle with A/C on. Never stalls. Just a slight dip and back up with A/C on at idle
    - A bit crazy cold start. I don't have the OEM header with the cat so the high reving (about 2k) for 30 seconds happens. I'm not 25...so if you hit the gas a bit or put it in reverse (with clutch in obviously) this can by-pass the high rev cold start
    - Sitting in DC traffic on 270 with outside temps over 100 and A/C on. Zero issues. Yes the RPMs dip and bounce back up, but never stalled.. just the way the car is. It only dips about 100 RPMs and then back at 1K.
    - Cruise control.... If you are in 6th gear and below 2K the cruise control won't hold the speed. You need to downshift. Or... traveling at 70 in sixth (RPMs are higher) zero issues.

    So there are some quirks...but no red flags. The car after 4K turns into a different car. The face of that jacka$$ on your bumper thinking you have a little car with zero balls is priceless when you easily pull away.

    I guess my only issue.... I want more : )

    Zero regrets and Bryan's customer service is top notch.

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    Feels so much BETTER!

    Posted by Michael Shane Agcaoili on Jul 17th 2019

    So I have to say that the Edelbrock Supercharger is amazing, but it wouldn't be great without a great tune. I have a 2016 MX-5 ND and ever since I have installed the supercharger there was a lot of surging with my provider for the tunes and I consistently sent data logs and received tunes that helped in areas that got good numbers, but the surges were still there. I hoped that the tuner would get the surging down after about a years' worth it still was a BIG problem. :cry:

    The driving was always a trip because it'd be surging sporadically. :realmad:

    Anyways, I was really hesitant with getting the FAB9 tuning/calibration E1 package. After purchasing it and getting the great customer service from Bryan, I knew it wasn't a waste of money and time.

    I even had to send Bryan logs that my tuner hasn't managed to get back at me for the past month, and still counting. :realmad:

    Bryan has helped me out a lot, and I even contacted him over the phone and he is very knowledgable, trustworthy, consistent, easy to work with, and the best person that I trust to tune my car for FOREVER!:rofl:

    With the logs I have sent him, Bryan really made the vehicle and supercharger feel more responsive. I can go back to driving without worrying of any SURGES and looking like an idiot now.

    I have yet to go on a dyno, and I will once all checks out with Bryan after some more data logs and tuning/calibrations if need be.



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    Best Tune for S/C ND

    Posted by Will on Mar 11th 2019

    This tune is seriously amazing. After first upload, I had to get some help adjusting it to my altitude. Response was quick and friendly. Now everything runs like stock, but with more power! 10/10, will absolutely recommend.

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    Edlebrock The Anti-Surge Calibration

    Posted by Armando Abella on Feb 8th 2019


    Hey guys, I purchased my 2016 Club 6MT in February 2016 and, although I enjoyed the way it drove, like most of you, I knew it was lacking in torque/hp. After two years, I purchased the Edelbrock SC, along with their V3 tune in February 2018. Although it did improve in torque/hp, it suffered in drivability, with its continuous surging and low RPM throttle response. Since then, I continued to hope that Edelbrock would resolve these issues, while at the same time, curiously following this thread.

    After one year of disappointment, not seeing any response from Edelbrock, and monitoring the continuous improvements from Fab9, I finally decided to pull the trigger and make the purchase. I installed the tune last night and decided to give it a quick spin around the neighborhood. Well, that quick spin turned into a two-hour ride full of emotions I had never experienced with this vehicle before.

    It was like the SC was unleashed, and for the first time I finally got to feel what this amazing product was meant to do. Edelbrock should be embarrassed to have provided and never perfected their tune. I don’t know what kind of black magic was used by Bryan, but he is some sort of wizard or warlock to have managed to unlock its full potential. The vehicle now pulls out of 1st gear and continues smoothly and in a linear manner, and repeats this in every subsequent gear. You want to enjoy the thrill of rolling thru all the shifts on this amazing transmission, and you remember why you still drive a manual, instead of an automatic.

    No surging, no low RPM throttle response, and the closest thing to OEM drivability I have experienced since the SC was installed. Not to mention, a small investment that actually works in comparison to the thousands of dollars you have already spent on the purchase and installation of the SC.

    I haven’t even mentioned my experience dealing with Bryan. It was a complete pleasure dealing with him. He took his time answering all my stupid questions and is a true professional. If you are still disappointed with the Edelbrock tune, and feel totally disillusioned with its unforeseen resolution, purchase the Fab9 tune and return to enjoying your ride.

    Good luck guys, and thank you Bryan and the MX-5 forum.

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    Best $200 I've spent on my car

    Posted by Ben on Nov 5th 2018

    I have to say this tune is heads and shoulders above the EB tunes and I’ve tried them all.

    The light throttle surging is gone. It has way more torque down low – from a rolling start in 1st I can floor it and break the back end loose and I have 235 S-Drives on it.

    Cruise control is much smoother – no dumping fuel and jerkiness as it adjusts to hills and valleys.

    In every way, it is a better tune than the EB tune.

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    Posted by Ryan Holt on Aug 25th 2018

    Bryan and Fab9 are the first folks to break down the proper way to tune the ND1 using the EcuTek. Others have tried and failed to bring a driveble tune. On top of that, great service and communication to make it better through testing for the whole ND1 community.

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    Loved it

    Posted by Roddy Merritt on Aug 22nd 2018

    It worked perfectly!!! 5 star service.