ECUTEK Edlebrock Calibration - The Anti-Surge!

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We jumped on the band wagon and supercharged our ND the first week the kits were released. With big names like Edlebrock and ECUTEK in the mix, we anticipated a fairly well polished offering.

To no fault of their own, the calibration abilities were fairly unknown or limited and the results were premature converter failure, sluggish acceleration and the ever so haunting throttle surge issue at partial loads.

We've since installed over a dozen of these superchargers and we aren't a shop that works on customer vehicles as a normal part of our operation. With countless customers reaching out to us for a solution on the drivability, our hands were tied. Not anymore. We've become ECUTEK Master Tuners and have countless hours into a calibration that we believe is superior to the current market revisions.

In order to validate your purchase we will need the following information (it can be entered in your order notes or emailed to us by responding to your order confirmation email):

  • Programmer ID (Dongle ID)
  • ECU Version
  • A list of all current modifications

This package does include free updates down the road but will not account for calibration changes for additional hardware changes. Updates will be billed per session. 

3 Reviews

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    Best $200 I've spent on my car

    Posted by Ben on Nov 5th 2018

    I have to say this tune is heads and shoulders above the EB tunes and I’ve tried them all.

    The light throttle surging is gone. It has way more torque down low – from a rolling start in 1st I can floor it and break the back end loose and I have 235 S-Drives on it.

    Cruise control is much smoother – no dumping fuel and jerkiness as it adjusts to hills and valleys.

    In every way, it is a better tune than the EB tune.

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    Posted by Ryan Holt on Aug 25th 2018

    Bryan and Fab9 are the first folks to break down the proper way to tune the ND1 using the EcuTek. Others have tried and failed to bring a driveble tune. On top of that, great service and communication to make it better through testing for the whole ND1 community.

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    Loved it

    Posted by Roddy Merritt on Aug 22nd 2018

    It worked perfectly!!! 5 star service.