D-Series Driving Lights - DOT/SAW for Exocet Headlights

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When it comes to lighting there a lot of misleading paths to take. You might be asking yourself, "Is this going to be bright enough as a headlight?" "Can I be sure that I'm not going to blind oncoming traffic because of flood pattern?" "Are these going to last? I'm afraid they will burn out like the cheap off road lights.". The answer here is a solid YES and like most of our calculated product decisions, these have been proven on the Exocet platform. These are the lights of choice for our Exocet and as a convenience we're trying to take the guess work out of your project. Exocet's shouldn't be cookie cutter, but there are a few product hurdles that we'd like to spend our money on ONCE. Lighting is one of them. 

These lights are great as a solo choice, they are even better with a flood option for an even safer night driving experience - The one's we'll use can be found HERE. 


  • A street legal solution for your Exocet
  • Expected 50,000+ Hour Lifespan
  • Highest quality and strength of a polycarbonate lens
  • Mounting and Harness included 
  • Multiple sleek mounting options


  • 3x3 size
  • 22 watts
  • Super low 1.5 AMP draw
  • 36v max
  • 52 degree beam angle
  • DOT/SAW compliant