Fab9 launches a new website!

Why the new website?
Well were in a bit of a pickle with the old platform - when we initially launched Fab9Tuning.com we had no idea the growth we'd see in such a short period of time. What we thought would be a simple website with 200-300 products turned into a high traffic ecommerce market place offering over 1000 products to the roadster enthusiasts around the globe.  This overwhelmed the previous platform and left our customers frustrated with slow load times or even completely crashing the site.    

Anything new to look forward to?
Let's start with BLOG. That's right, if you're reading this you're already getting a taste of what the new site can offer. Not that excited yet? How about some new products or features?  Now that we've had some time with the old platform to collect some analytics we will be removing products that cluttered things up and adding products that fit the successful theme seen in past sales history reports.  We are also working a LIVE chat platform to help you on the spot with product questions.

Thanks for sticking with us!
It's early adopters like yourself that helped put Fab9Tuning.com on the map, hopefully these innovative steps we take will keep you coming back!