Eneos SUSTINA Enhanced Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

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The ND engine is a very high tolerance, low drag assembly that requires an oil with high sheer resistance and we don't ever move from something with a good oil BASE. Much like Joe Gibbs choice to use the mPAO base, the ENEOS proprietary base has been formulated to combat all of the same elements. ENEOS SUSTINA Enhanced Performance Synthetic Motor Oil is a premium, high performance fully synthetic motor oil formulated from JX Nippon Oil & Energy’s proprietary W BASE technology, producing extremely high VI (viscosity index) synthetic base oil that maintains a very stable oil viscosity over a wide temperature range. This technology allows ENEOS SUSTINA to remain very fluid at cold temperatures, reducing internal engine drag and improving fuel economy up to 2% compared to currently available fuel-conserving GF-4 and GF-5 oils of the same viscosity. ENEOS SUSTINA also utilizes the sulfur-free characteristics of ZP additive chemistry, reducing the formation of detergent destroying sulfuric acid, keeping your engine cleaner and running longer.
Includes 1x QT of Eneos 0w20 Sustina Oil, the ND requires 4.2qt of oil, typically during an oil change you'll consume only 4 of these.