N1 Tune | 2.0L 2.5L | Miata MX-5 NC

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With modern OEM management, your results are limited by the parameter boundaries Mazda has put in place. Even with the addition of bolt-on components like higher flowing exhausts and cold air sourcing intakes, the factory computer will only compensate with fuel - and sometimes not even enough! The real power comes with Ignition timing, Valve Timing, Fuel Tuning, Throttle control and a number of other parameters that help to unlock the otherwise tethered setup.

How does this work? With the purchase of this specific product you'll receive all of the hardware and software required to calibrate your naturally aspirated, bolt-on or entirely stock NC MX-5. Once your VT Lite kit arrives, there are short instructions to follow in order to collect information for Fab9 to build your calibration.

What if I have bigger plans to modify my car in the future? Great! This is a preferred platform for manipulation of the OEM ECU and it's not limited to our shelf performance calibrations. Custom tuning can be done in the same fashion as other platforms have done in the past. With our Pro Tuning service, you'll collect data on your specific configuration and we can issue tailored remapping to suit your unique vehicle.


  • 14-19WHP on a completely stock NC MX-5
  • Windows or Mac Laptop
  • Includes USB/OBD Connection
  • Capable of re-flash and custom calibrations as your car changes

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    N1 Tune Experience

    Posted by Ian Tertuliani on Apr 4th 2021

    I wanted a flash tune for my basic bolt on Miata and after speaking with Bryan on the phone this was his recommendation. Received the tune in about a week and flashed it to my car. From there Bryan helped me iron out some midrange hiccups and now the car runs/pulls flawlessly. Quite noticeable difference between stock and I/H/E with tune. Good power increase overall with a lot more pep in the lower end. Exactly what I was looking for in a flash tune. Thanks again!