Brisk Racing Spark Plugs

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Brisk Racing plugs has made a huge wake in the Miata community with it's improved spark and reliability from the different product lines. 

Which plug is for you?

BRISK Silver Plugs:
BRISK Silver spark plugs are what we recommend in high output, boosted applications. They have special shape of spark gap which enables easier access of gases to flash-over, even when using the stock ignition system. The silver center electrode has a small diameter and electrode gap 0,55 mm, 0,7 mm and 0,9 mm. The voltage demand of the spark plug is considerably reduced by the silver center electrode which has a small diameter along with reduced ground electrode.

BRISK Racing Copper:
This affordable high performing plug features a center electrode from nickel alloy filled with copper core (SUPER) or from special nickel-yttrium alloy (SUPER YTTRIUM) with high heat conductivity what enables to optimize thermal balance of active parts of spark plug. Perfectly covers engine’s demand at both low speeds driving with prevalence of cold starts and long-running highway driving. This is a great turbo or standard affordable replacement plug.